Encourage Active participation and asset building within your communities

Tempo Time Credits work in partnership with local authorities, CCG’s, housing, service providers and grant funders to build, develop and support communities. With their help we co-produce solutions, encouraging more active involvement in the design and delivery of services and community-led activities.

We are proud to be the provider of the YPO Tempo Time Credits framework. We can be commissioned through this framework, providing the public sector with a compliant route to market and allowing our services to be commissioned easily.


Drive engagement in service

Our Tempo Time Credits can:

> Help you engage with key target audiences to meet specific goals e.g. reducing loneliness, increasing participation of vulnerable adult groups or engaging service users. 

> Enable these groups to upskill in a range of areas.

Maximise community participation

Encourage greater engagement of service users by creating new opportunities to participate in service design and co-production. For example, a person could join a service user forum or may help a group to create promotional materials or even become a community ambassador.

Outcome Focused

> We align our programs to meet the needs of our commissioners and their communities.

> We build self-supporting networks of organisations where our Commissioners, Recognition Partners, Earn groups and volunteers work in diverse and accessible ways to grow their communities.

> We bring groups and individuals together creating a culture of inclusivity, acceptance and support through events and activities.

> We bring new people into volunteering and provide opportunities for upskilling, networking and more.

five benefits of commissioning a tempo time credits programme

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