A bit about Angela

My Tempo Time Credits journey all started a couple of years ago. Both my husband, Fred, and I had medically retired. I was also caring for my father who had moved into our home so we could fully support him after his dementia diagnosis. Life had changed a lot for us and we suddenly found ourselves very isolated and low.

I didn’t feel I had a purpose any longer and this wasn’t good for my mental health. During this time, a friend asked me to come out and help her volunteer at an International Women’s Day event. This was the start of my new journey. I really enjoyed the day and got a big thank you at the end in the form of a Tempo Time Credit. It was amazing to feel the recognition for the time I had given.

I started helping out at lots of other events in the local community, excited to involve myself in new activities and meet new people. I continued volunteering with projects such as; the Communities First project, Tea Dance for Breast Cancer and the Breakfast Club. Breakfast Club opened in August 2016 and is run entirely by volunteers.

Using food donations from local sources, we offer a healthy breakfast for all who couldn’t afford to feed themselves and their family. People who are otherwise isolated can have an hour to eat, chat and make new friends. Volunteers have moved on to employment opportunities based on the skills and confidence they gained which is so exciting to see.

We have always earned Tempo Time Credits together and wanted to make sure they were a big part of the Breakfast Club journey. We have really benefited from them, and like to see our volunteers do the same. We pool our Tempo Time Credits and plan a big trip for us, including some breakfast club attendees who cannot afford the experiences the Tempo Time Credits Network offers.

“We have been to so many places we wouldn’t have otherwise experienced! It was amazing to feel the recognition for the time I had given.”

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