Chorley Council has partnered with Tempo Time Credits for nearly 10 years now. The partnership to date has had a massive impact on the community and has increased the number of people giving time across Chorley, widened community participation and connected businesses and community groups across the area.


As a council, they wanted to recognise the significant impact that volunteering makes locally and to engage more people to get involved in volunteering. The council wanted to make Tempo Time Credits accessible to community groups across the borough and make sure that the contribution volunteers make is recognised. People earning Tempo Time Credits in Chorley have enjoyed using them across Lancashire as well as in Wales, London and Cornwall.

>> 81% of participants reported improved quality of life

>> 53% reported feeling more confident

>> 59% felt more able to contribute to the community

>> 59% have developed new friends or acquaintances


Learn more about the programme from the video below: