This report, produced by external evaluators Apteligen Ltd, presents the findings of an impact evaluation of Tempo Time Credits in England and Wales. It includes a particular focus on the impact of Tempo Time Credits on people over the age of 50.


  • Tempo Time Credits members are two times more likely to be new to volunteering when compared with the national volunteer population.

  • 71% of Tempo Time Credits members earn less than the national living wage. Nearly half (49%) earn less than £10,000 per annum.

  • 72% of Tempo Time Credits members give their time to support others, either on a 1:1 basis (such as buddying or befriending), or on a group basis (such as running a peer support group).

  • Feelings of happiness increased significantly among Tempo Time Credits members.

  • 71% of Tempo Time Credits members said that they felt less isolated and lonely since becoming involved in Tempo Time Credits. 43% of members said that Tempo Time Credits had helped them make new friends and acquaintances.

  • 57% of Tempo Time Credits members show high levels of trust in others compared with 35% across the UK population. These are among the highest levels of trust globally.

  • There was a 12% increase in the average level of physical activity among Tempo Time Credits members along with an average increase of 2 hours per week among those who were already active.


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