Tempo is well placed to help ICSs seeking to work with a diverse and representative range of voluntary, charity and social enterprises (VCSEs). Tempo Time Credits embeds itself in communities and builds a network of VCSE organisations, mapping out stakeholders, community assets, strengths, and resources that can be shared with the ICS. This provides an opportunity to build a relationship that engages with community health and care organisations and residents that can support system wide workstreams.

Involving Medway is about trying something different in order to support and sustain a healthier local community, which we believe will help take some of the pressure off our primary and acute health services in the area – NHS Medway

Tempo has a track record of partnership working within the VCSE sector, supporting organisations to identify community needs, co-producing solutions with the community placing their needs at the heart of the conversation. A Tempo Time Credits network is an investment in the VSCE infrastructure, and an alliance well placed to advocate for the community.

Their approach has been to genuinely involve service users in their project from planning through to delivery and enable people to share their skills with others – City of Westminster

How Time Credits work

Tempo Time Credits networks are commissioned by a range of public and third sector organisations geographically and thematically.

Volunteers and service users earn Tempo Time Credits by giving time through voluntary organisations to their community and can then use their Tempo Time Credits within our national network of partners that offer a variety of activities and services for our volunteers.

Tempo Time Credits is an innovative tool to engage local people who may not normally engage with the ICS. Volunteering becomes more accessible with Time Credits and helps to build the confidence and commitment of individuals. Time Credits have significant health and wellbeing outcomes and the results from our 2022 Impact Survey shows:

  • 93% of our volunteers felt more able to contribute to their community.
  • 91% know more about community-based support and resources available for them.
  • 83% reported improved mental health.
  • 81% feel less isolated and lonely.

Volunteering, encouraged by earning Tempo Time Credits, provides various health benefits; reducing loneliness, and improving mental health. This could be by making new friends whilst helping at the local theatre or leading a local walking group. Volunteers’ health and wellbeing benefits further with the opportunity to use their Time Credits on a range of ‘recognition’ opportunities which could benefit their physical health, for example going swimming at the local leisure centre and their mental health for example with a subscription to a mindfulness app.

Swimming really helps my disabilities but I’ve not been able to afford it for quite some time. Time Credits has helped as I’m able to go a few times a week! – Tempo Volunteer, Wrexham

Want to Find Out More

We pride ourselves on being friendly, supportive and flexible. We’re always happy to meet, whether you have the first crumbs of a concept, or a fully worked strategy. You’ll find us to be pragmatic and straightforward – we only ever proceed if we can help you to succeed.