Tempo Time Credit FAQs

Hi there, here you’ll find lots of useful FAQs about using, earning gifting Tempo Time Credits. You should be able to find out everything you need from these FAQs but if there’s a question you have that’s unanswered then drop us a message at support@timecredits.com and we’ll get back to you.


1. How are Tempo Time Credits earned?

Tempo Time Credits are incredibly flexible and can be earned in lots of ways! They can be earned in any group, service or organisation that has joined the Tempo network, for any activity where the person is voluntarily giving their time to support other people or contribute to their local community, service or organisation. Examples of volunteering include: helping to set up a session at a local youth group, getting involved in gardening on an estate, participating in the running of an event, running activities in a service or community, supporting peers, interviewing staff, and participating in user forums.

Please note – To earn Tempo Time Credits you must create an Online Tempo Time Credits account. You can find all the FAQs you need about this here.

The Tempo Time Credits model works simply by people receiving Tempo Time Credits for time contributed to their community or service. For FAQs on how many Tempo Time Credits volunteers can earn you can click here.


2. How are Tempo Time Credits used?

Tempo Time Credits can be used on an activity at participating local venues. We also have activities that are only available online such as fitness classes, courses and vouchers (subject to availability).

Tempo Time Credits are completely transferable – people can use their Tempo Time Credits to take someone else to an activity with them, or they can give them to others as a gift or a thank you.

Please note – To use Tempo Time Credits you must sign up for an Online Tempo Time Credit account that will then allow you to use your Tempo Time Credits to book activities online. You can find all the FAQs you need about this here.

To view a full list of available places to use your Tempo Time Credits and book please click here.


3. How much are Tempo Time Credits worth?

Tempo Time Credits have no monetary value, they are given in exchange for the time given volunteering to be used with the Tempo Time Credit recognition network.


4. Do volunteers need to sign up for a set period of time?

No. A person might only ever earn one Tempo Time Credit, they may earn them infrequently, or as often as they are able to.


5. How long do people have to use their Tempo Time Credits?

A person might only ever earn one Tempo Time Credit, they may earn them infrequently, or as often as they are able to. People sign up to the Tempo Time Credits website before they can earn Time Credits, Tempo Time Credits have no expiry date. Although there is no expiry date on Tempo Time Credits, some recognition opportunities can be subject to availability.


6. Where can I find out how to earn and use Tempo Time Credits?

You can find out where to earn Tempo Time Credits here.

You can find out where to use Tempo Time Credits here.


7. What are the benefits of using Tempo Time Credits?

Tempo Time Credits aim to build stronger communities and using them is a really important part of this. Using your Tempo Time Credits is a way for people to get involved in different activities, develop new hobbies, visit places they may not have been to before and get to know more people in their local area. Using Tempo Time Credits can also help people to do things they may not have been able to afford before or had not thought about taking part in. Making sure that people use the Tempo Time Credits they have earned is vital if they are to get the most from them.


8. Can you buy things with Tempo Time Credits?

Tempo Time Credits can be used to buy things with certain recognition partners. Although not always available there may be opportunities to use Tempo Time Credits for vouchers for shopping and entertainment. For information on how this relates to tax and benefits and legislation, please click here here.


9. How do businesses get involved?

Tempo has a team of staff who work with businesses, sometimes this team will approach the business first, based on feedback from participants and the aims of the local scheme. Staff at organisations that use Tempo Time Credits may have links to local venues or receive interest from businesses nearby. If you or someone you know is linked to a venue that might want to get involved, contact your local Time Credits staff and let them know. Please contact Hello@wearetempo.org to discuss getting involved in the network.


10. How do we support people to volunteer if they have complex needs?

Tempo Time Credits are a great tool for broadening inclusion and anyone can take part in anything appropriate for them. We believe everyone has something to give, regardless of age or disability and we work with a wide range of organisations including day centres and social care providers who have developed ways that people can get involved. Tempo can support you to make sure opportunities for earning and using Tempo Time Credits are available to everyone.


11. Can carers or support workers access venues to support people to use Tempo Time Credits?

Carers or support workers can be given free entry with anyone who has earned Tempo Time Credits and needs extra assistance dependant on the policy of the venue you are attending. If a member or someone you know or support has accessibility needs, please call our friendly partners before visiting, they’ll be happy to help and advise on their policy.


12. Do Tempo Time Credits affect people’s state benefits?

Please read our separate FAQs for all information on this here.


13. Can Tempo Time Credits be transferred between people?

Absolutely! Tempo Time Credits are fully transferable so you could give them to a family member or friend to use, or use them to take a friend to an activity with you. We’ve had lots of people use them to say thank you to people who’ve helped them out. Please read our separate FAQs for all information on this here.


14. Who is responsible for safeguarding?

From an organisation or group’s point of view, people earning or using Tempo Time Credits should be no different to ordinary volunteers. They should be managed in the same way as other volunteers and any structures or processes that are in place should also apply.

You still need to make sure that your volunteers and community members are safe and may need to provide induction, training and DBS checks as appropriate for your group or service. You are responsible for managing the volunteers and ensuring that any risks are appropriately managed. If you have any concerns about this, we can advise you on where to get support.

A good place to start is volunteering England:


or the Wales Council for Voluntary Action:



15.Who is responsible for health and safety?

You are responsible for the health and safety of any people earning or using Tempo Time Credits with you. Any Tempo Time Credit earning and recognition activity must be covered by the health & safety management, insurance, policies and procedures of your organisation or service. We know that some smaller community groups might not have these processes in place so we can also provide support and templates for events where you might need to make sure you’ve thought about risk and health and safety. Just get in touch with your local Tempo Time Credits team. We cannot take responsibility for health & safety procedures or accept liability for any damages that occur at Tempo Time Credit activities organised by your organisation, group or external partners.


16. Can staff earn Tempo Time Credits?

Staff can earn Tempo Time Credits, however, it is very important that any earning activities are clearly differentiated from their usual work, are not included in their job description and are voluntary, to avoid any suggestion of job substitution. You should also go through any steps you would go through with other people that give their time to your organisation. We suggest that just to make everything crystal clear you ask staff to sign a form that clarifies that earning activity is not expected under their paid role and is being undertaken on a voluntary basis.

If staff are being given paid time off by their place of work to volunteer, they are not able to earn Tempo Time Credits as they are being paid for their time.


17. Can trustees or school governors earn Tempo Time Credits?

It is possible for trustees or school governors to earn Tempo Time Credits, however, there are some practical considerations. Please read our FAQs on this here.

We also encourage organisations to consider how Tempo Time Credits will help to improve their outcomes and in particular involve the users of their services to play an active role in designing and delivering activities.


18.Can Tempo Time Credits bebackdated?

As a general rule Tempo Time Credits cannot be backdated and should be given out as close as possible to the time they were earned

.This is particularly important where you might be thinking about extensive backdating – e.g. for an activity that took place before the group signed up to Tempo Time Credits, or for ongoing activities that were not initially earning activities but were brought into earning after the group has been using Tempo Time Credits for a while. This is to avoid flooding the local network with large numbers of Tempo Time Credits suddenly and to avoid individuals having a large stockpile of credits that can lose their perceived value.


19. As a group or service what support can we expect to receive?

Tempo always give groups and services as much support as we can to make sure you get the most out of Tempo Time Credits. We will support you to set up Tempo Time Credits in your organisation or service, including developing, earning and recognition opportunities, communicating Tempo Time Credits, and understanding administration. If your group is part of a programme the group may be invited to local network events.