Tempo Time Credits have been working in Cambridgeshire since 2013. Since then, we have worked with over 120 earn partners, partnered up with over 40 recognition partners, signed up over 1400 volunteers and had over 60,000 Tempo Time Credits earned.

Working alongside Cambridge City Council and Cambridgeshire County Council, Tempo and local stakeholder leads offer Tempo Time Credits and access to the earn network and network for using Tempo Time Credits for community organisations across different parts of the county.

We have worked closely with Cambridge City Council since 2015 on a project targeting community groups and volunteering in the Northern and Eastern parts of the county, with support from the community development team.

In Cambridgeshire, Tempo Time Credits are a well-established, proven and flexible mechanism that not only benefit individuals most in need but connect communities and create partnership opportunities through Cambridge.


A bit about Ish

Ish is an art and music enthusiast from Cambridgeshire. Ish first heard about Tempo Time Credits 4 years ago when they began volunteering for the Richmond Fellowship.

“I remember the first time I attended the training I was so nervous but felt so welcomed by everyone.”

Ish really loved the idea of Tempo Time Credits as an incentive to get volunteers to progress in their roles and to continue to volunteer for as long as they could. It was clear that Ish was great volunteer with a passion for volunteering and therefore was asked to support in two new roles in local charities; Illuminate and Make Do and Mend. As Ish had experience in the Tempo Time Credit process, they were a great candidate for the role of Tempo Time Credits coordinator.

Ish has experienced major mental health and physical challenges for the past 10 years but with the support and opportunities they have gained through Tempo Time Credits, has come a long way in their recovery.

“I absolutely loved my Tempo Time Credits roles.”


How Ish earns their Tempo Time Credits

Ish first started earning Tempo Time Credits with the Richmond Fellowship but was eager to find out how they could do more in their community using Tempo Time Credits. Therefore, Ish took on further responsibilities at Make do and Mend and Corona House Community by helping out with activities such as running community groups and washing up.

“I love earning [Tempo Time Credits] and they keep me eager to find more ways to help out with my community further. As a coordinator I have also had plenty of feedback from other volunteers who have said they are grateful and inspired by earning their Tempo Time Credits”



How Ish uses their Tempo Time Credits

Ish has used their Tempo Time Credits on a variety of activities across our Tempo Time Credits network and often gifts their Tempo Time Credits to friends and family that otherwise would not have been able to access the activities that Tempo Time Credits offer.

“I sometimes go to the cinema which is brilliant as I can’t afford to go usually very often. I have also used them on a bike maintenance class which was extremely useful. I actually want to go to another class like this soon to brush up on my skills. I have also gone swimming with them and to the theatre.”

Ish comments that their favourite place to use Tempo Time Credits is on sport related activities as they are an incentive to try and get fitter, helping them to maintain healthier physical and mental wellbeing.

“I am going to go to a yoga session with my friend next week! People who know me know I love yoga but usually can’t afford to go to a class often either!”




Tempo Time Credits have made a “massive difference” to Ish’s life and have helped them to grow in confidence, self-esteem and encouraged them to take part in things that would normally be “too scary” to do.

Ish has use Tempo Time Credits to meet amazing people and has learnt new, transferable skills in every role they have been in. The skills that Ish has developed during their volunteering has equipped them to access new and exciting roles. Ish learnt a great deal of admin skills in their role as Tempo Time Credits Coordinator which helped them in gaining permanent employment in their local hospital as an NHS administrator.

“I became really involved with the Tempo Time Credits organisation and am a keen supported of it. As soon as I hear the word Tempo Time Credits I immediately get excited and have a lot of good things to say. I am definitely more involved with my local community and regularly take part in activities. In my new job I find I often am able to even direct people to places in the community which I have found helpful.”



Message from Ish

“Go for it! You’ll gain experiences, skills and support. Not only does it bring you closer to your local community but you make many friendships too! I just would like to thank the Tempo Time Credits for giving me the opportunity to progress so much further in my life. From having no job, to volunteering, to working temporarily with charities involved with Tempo Time Credits, to gaining a permanent job in the NHS, I have come so far and am so much more optimistic on my life and without the help of Tempo Time Credits I really don’t know where I would be right now.”