“Tempo Time Credits got me out the house, meeting new people and going to different places.”

Simon discovered a passion for gardening through earning Tempo Time Credits with the Haringey Project, which is focused on people living with, or at risk of, mental health or substance misuse. As a resident at St Mungos Hostel he was offered the opportunity to earn his first Tempo Time Credits. “I lived in St Mungos for 2.5 years, I volunteered for them by gardening. They were really happy with what I did, which inspired me to work more and earn more Tempo Time Credits, to make people happy, to make myself happy.”

Simon has since used his skills to help other Haringey organisations such as The A Team, a group of volunteers who deliver household chores such as gardening, regularly giving his time and gaining skills that he hopes will lead to paid employment one day.


“It helped me improve my physical and mental health too. It makes me feel happy and empowered me to work, earn and I enjoy going to places.”


“Tempo Time Credits have given me the freedom to do this, it’s made me more outgoing and confident. I’ve always been interested in the history of Haringey but now I can expand my knowledge of London.”


Simon first used his Tempo Time Credits on an edible mushroom growing course with Living Under One Sun, he has since used his Time Credits to treat his mum, taking her to Tower Bridge, Kensington Palace, Keats House and on the Thames Clipper boats.


“Another great thing about Tempo Time Credits is that you can use them treating your family and friends. I’ve taken my Mum to places she’s never been to before. I went on lots of trips with Tempo Time Credits this August, it was the best August of my whole life.”


Simon attended a networking event held for the London Recognition Partners and spoke confidently about his experience of Tempo Time Credits. He was the star of the evening, many Tempo Time Credits partners spoke to him afterwards to hear more about his journey.