C is a service user at the Recovery Cymru service in Cardiff. C suffers from poor mental health and has spent a lot of time in hospital. As a result, C began to self-medicate with alcohol and became alcohol dependent. C struggles in group settings and had previously found it difficult to engage with some of the sessions at Recovery Cymru.

However, C has now started to support staff by opening the centre on a Sunday. If it’s a slightly quieter day and C supports the delivery of sessions and finds it much more manageable. They are doing something positive with their time, helping the service to be open for longer, and slowly he is building relationships with his peers.

C has enjoyed using his Tempo Time Credits on going to the theatre, going swimming, and visiting the gym. It has been enormously beneficial for C to become more active and healthy; all told the experience of earning and using Tempo Time Credits has been really positive for them.