We are pleased to highlight the fantastic work we do with Lancashire County Council and how we support them to tackle problems within the community. At Tempo Time Credits we pride ourselves on supporting communities and helping them thrive through volunteering and recognising that the contribution volunteers make is so important to help achieve our aims and objectives.


That’s why we are thrilled Lancashire County Council share this vision and continue to work with us.


Lancashire County Council has partnered with Tempo Time Credits since 2017 through the Community Projects Team. Initially funded through the Mobilising Communities programme, Tempo Time Credits explored local approaches to tackling community problems. The main purpose of the programme is to engage and inspire local groups, especially those involved in food security, loneliness, social isolation and providing access to green spaces in key areas, including Lancaster and Morecambe, Fleetwood, Preston, Skelmersdale and Burnley and East Lancashire.


Prior to becoming a full-time carer for his wife after she suffered a major stroke, Les was employed as a Manufacturing Manager. Les first got involved with the Stroke Association after his wife was invited to help with their allotment group, as this was one of her main hobbies before the stroke. Les went along and learned about Tempo Time Credits and saw it as an opportunity to engage in activities he couldn’t usually afford, as a result of his personal circumstances.


Les now earns Tempo Time Credits in many ways, including:

>> Admin support in his local Stroke Association office, helping to manage Tempo Time Credits.
>> Helping to organise and run the community choir once a month.
>> Helping out regularly at Know Your Blood Pressure events, the allotment and the advice café


How Les Spends his Tempo Time Credits

Les mainly uses his Tempo Time Credits on going to the gym and taking his family on days out. He loves to treat his grandson with activities like the Puddleton Pirates indoor play area in Chorley or visiting the Blackpool Tower. Les thinks it great he can spend his Tempo Time Credits in this way as he had to give up work to care for his wife.


Without Tempo Time Credits he would not have been able to fund the activities himself. Les’ wife’s disability hit them very hard financially and socially. Tempo Time Credits means that Les can still get out and do things.

“What a great idea and opportunity for both parties in a win-win situation.”


Learn more about our Lancashire County Council programme from the video below: