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Executive Summary 

Impact Report



Tempo Time Credits is delighted to launch its latest impact report for the year 2020-21.

A message from our CEO Mark Froud:

2020 was a challenging year for many organisations and people, but we are delighted to once again see the positive impact Tempo Time Credits has had on people’s lives and how we have supported communities, individuals and organisations to traverse the unfamiliar environment of the past 18 months.

The report highlights our key findings from the past year regarding the positive impact Tempo Time Credits have had. We are incredibly proud to be able to share this report with you and its findings. A summary of findings concluded that:


  • COVID-19 had a positive impact on volunteering time. 48% had never or rarely given time before earning Tempo Time Credits


  • A wide range of Recognition opportunities were valued and used by Tempo volunteers. These opportunities were broadened and included grocery, takeaway and many online offers to meet the needs of those affected by lockdown restrictions.


  • Organisations that use Tempo Time Credits value their ability to retain volunteers (52%) and recruit volunteers (46%), due to the recognition provided by Tempo Time Credits.


  • Tempo volunteers come from more diverse demographic groups than the traditional volunteer base and are more likely to:
    • Not be in employment,
    • Have a limiting condition,
    • Be regular volunteers,
    • Come from a much broader range of economic backgrounds.


Key impact stats from the report:

Our CEO Mark Froud said “Many of the support structures that were dependent on face-to-face contact, and on delivery by those vulnerable to COVID-19, were removed overnight. It is a testament to the strength of our society that so many people stepped forward and volunteered their time. Without them, the problems and issues our country now faces would be far more serious. This is a debt we can never repay to those millions of people, most of whom are volunteers, who do not regard themselves as heroes. But they are.

Tempo played a small part in broadening the volunteering base and recognising the impact that local voluntary organisations have. Our impact grew during the pandemic, and this is reflected in both the numbers and stories from volunteers. It makes a powerful case to those in power, that volunteering punches significantly above its weight when it comes to the infrastructure that our society is built on. Like our physical infrastructure, it needs investment.”